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We Make Intelligence Actionable

Attack vectors encompass various tactics, such as phishing emails, malware infections, DDoS attacks, SQL injections, and more. These vectors can become increasingly dangerous when an attacker accumulates multiple pieces of information. We meticulously analyse data from both the dark and public web to identify attack vectors that conventional scanners and services might overlook.

Our unique approach combines an arsenal of tools with our expert research teams, enabling us to uncover threats that others may miss. These sophisticated threats pose a higher risk to your business and warrant our specialised attention.

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Secure Your Human Attack Surface With VIP Monitoring

The human attack surface is the number one attack vector, but it's the one that has the least attention and hackers know this.

VIP Monitoring is a specialised feature of DarkInvader to protect high-profile individuals or VIPs. It involves continuous monitoring of various online platforms, including the deep, dark, and open web, for intelligence that could be used to target these individuals.

Dark Web Monitoring App
Dark Web Monitoring App


Threat Diagrams Help You Determine Affected Assets

Unleash the power of visualisation with our latest feature: an interactive node diagram and map for asset representation. This highly intuitive tool offers a clear, comprehensive view of your asset connections, simplifying your understanding of your infrastructure network.

With this feature, potential vulnerabilities become readily apparent, enabling you to fortify weak spots effectively. Harness this innovation to enhance your asset management strategy, and ensure robust infrastructure security.


Why Use Our External Attack Surface
Management (EASM) Platform?

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Attack Surface Intelligence Gathering

Utilising human research and custom search technology we uncover more risks when compared to automated tools.

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Global Threat Intelligence

Create a custom threat intelligence feed, that reduces noise, allowing you to react faster to relevant emerging threats.

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Public Asset Inventory & Discovery

Build a dynamic map of your public attack surface for complete visibility of your potential threat landscape.


Monitor Your Businesses Exposure on The Dark & Public Web

Within our Portal you can see your current exposure online, from files to credentials and company emails. These are graded based on the risk to your organisation and all come with a remediation action outlined by our team of researchers.

Discover threats as they appear, reducing the risk of a potential attack against your business with our dark web and threat intelligence services.

brand exposures dashboard


Combining Automation With Human Research to Discover Threats

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Using OSINT to Discover Public Facing Threats

We know that scanning isn't enough to discover all the threats to your business. Thats why we combine our custom tools with experienced researchers, using OSINT techniques to discover threats scanners cant.

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Automated Scanners Running 24/7 to Discover Threats

Our automated scanners are running 24/7, constantly crawling and indexing the dark and surface web.  Be assured that no matter the time of day, if we discover a threat you’ll be the first to know.

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We Use Researchers to Analyse Your Discovered Threats

While technology is great, its pre-written and therefore misses key data. Thats why our research team take your threats seriously and analyse anything they deem a medium - critical threat. Providing you with the information you need regarding resolving the issue.


All Your Threat & Exposure Data in One Place

Our External Attack Surface Management (EASM) service generates a wealth of data that requires an efficient visualisation platform. The DarkInvader Threat Portal offers a user-friendly interface that consolidates exposure and OSINT data for effortless interpretation. Stay up-to-date with emerging threats, track significant breaches, and address exposure issues using our integrated 'resolve' feature.

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DarkInvader Threat Portal
DarkInvader Folder


Multi-Dimensional Threat Intelligence

A single dimension is insufficient in today's complex cybersecurity landscape. DarkInvaders' MDTI Technology gathers data from various sources to create a comprehensive view of potential cyber risks that exist beyond your conventional security measures.

Our Multi-Dimensional Threat Intelligence Technology unites the four essential elements of threat intelligence collection: Dark Web Crawler, OSINT, Research Team, and Breach Database. This integrated approach provides an accurate assessment of the cyber threats your organisation faces.

Download The 2022 Annual Threat Report

Learn about the biggest cyber threats in 2022, how they impact your business and what you need to be ready for in 2023

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Extensive Library of Custom Tools Partnered with OSINT to Discover Threats & Data

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DarkInvader researchers analyse publicly accessible sites, like professional social networks, identifying information that could expose a potential Threat

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Breach Database

Our breach database is the result of years of investigative work. With over 15 TB of data collected, DarkInvader have one of the most exhaustive lists of breached credentials in the private sector.

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Dark Web Crawler

Our crawler gathers intelligence from underground hacking forums, illegal trading sites and hidden chat rooms that are inaccessible to the everyday user

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DarkInvader Uses Industry Leading Dark Web Monitoring and Threat Intelligence Techniques


Our OSINT Team Discover Threats Scanners Can’t

OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) is the information gathered from analysing data from open sources, our research team use industry-leading OSINT techniques to discover risks to your business scanners cant. They may find:

  • Sensitive data through social media Identifying connected corporate devices
  • Unknown corporate applications such as a rogue API
  • Accidental references on public platforms
  • Confidential information such as pricing schedules, contracts, source code
Mobile Threat Application
Threat Dashboard


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