What is Attack Surface Mapping?

Attack surface mapping is a vital element of cybersecurity, designed to spotlight potential weak spots in your network, system, or application. This process meticulously scans all possible entry points for identifying these vulnerabilities and users, known as the 'attack surface'. DarkInvader elevates this process by identifying these vulnerabilities and correlating them with other threats discovered through Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), threat intelligence, and dark web monitoring. This comprehensive approach allows us to pinpoint and highlight severe threats to your business, providing an extra layer of protection.

Dark Web Monitoring App
Dark Web Monitoring App


Using Industry Leading Scanners to Discover Threats

DarkInvader uses industry-leading scanners to identify vulnerabilities in your external infrastructure. We provide detailed information on the exploits available along with key remediation advice so your team can combat active threats.

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What Makes Our Attack Surface Mapping Feature Unique

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Real-Time Threat Detection

Our scanners are always active, meaning you'll receive real-time alerts whenever a vulnerabilities are discovered, giving you the fastest response time.

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Mapping Hidden Threats

Our research team combines public-facing information and leaked data with discovered vulnerabilities to highlight significant threats to your business. While a single vulnerability may be a minor risk, combined with other external threats, it can become a significant attack vector.

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Custom Built & Industry Leading Tools

DarkInvader uses a range of in-house, custom-built tools that dig further than the standard products available, we combine this with industry-leading scanners to provide our clients with a innovative scanning solution.


Keep Your Digital Assets Secure From External Threats

Securing your digital assets is crucial to stop data breaches. DarkInvader has a feature as part of its External Attack Surface Mapping that allows users to upload their assets to gain unique information on any vulnerabilities that affect them specifically. Not only this, but we highlight which of your assets are publicly facing.

Secure your digital assets today.

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Understand Your Attack Surface - Stay Protected

By understanding the attack surface, organisations can better protect their systems by patching known vulnerabilities, configuring systems properly, implementing appropriate security policies, and educating users about potential security risks. Attack surface mapping is a proactive approach to cybersecurity, aiming to prevent breaches before they occur.

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Discover DarkInvader's Attack Surface Mapping Feature

The technical brilliance of our feature lies in its ability to continuously scan all accessible IPs and ports, identify services running and their versions, and detect changes over time. This comprehensive monitoring lets you stay one step ahead of potential threats, strengthening your security measures.

Ready to experience unparalleled Threat Detection? Don't wait for a breach to happen. Sign up for DarkInvader today, and start utilising our Attack Surface Mapping feature to fortify your security measures.

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