Brand Intelligence

Your brand is your business and holds your reputation. That's why we have a range of tools looking to protect your domain and brand image from anything potentially damaging.


What is Brand Intelligence?

Your brand is your organisation’s most valuable asset, driving customer, employee, and partner trust. DarkInvader Brand Intelligence arms you with actionable, up-to-the-minute analytical insights to proactively defend against new and emerging threats to your brand, domains, employees, and executives

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Dark Web Monitoring App

Identify Brand Exposures

The DarkInvader research team uses technology to search the dark and surface web looking for any data relating to your brand. This could be your corporate data for sale, it could be a mention on a forum, or it could be negative social media chatter. If it’s out there, we will find it.

Brand Protection

By highlighting dangerous threats related to your brand you're protecting your image and showing your clients you take cyber security seriously.

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Domain & Trademark Monitoring

DarkInvaders domain monitoring service addresses the evolving risk of brand abuses and fraudulent use of your corporate domain and trademarks. Our brand inspection engine constantly searches for and alerts you to domains similar to your corporate environment.

Protect your customers, staff and partners from phishing or other social engineering attacks.

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How Does Our Brand Exposure Feature Help Your Business?

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Protect Brand

Identify brand exposures and take immediate action to eliminate the risk.

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Protect Your

Monitor domain registration activities containing your brand(s) or common typo variants to eliminate fraudulent copycat websites

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Safeguard Your Customers

Your reputation takes years to build and seconds to destroy so help keep your customers safe and maintain trust in your digital experience


Discover Leaked Credentials

The Brand Exposure feature allows DarkInvader to crawl the web to discover leaked credentials and includes an extensive database of gathered information found in recent breaches.

The crawler looks into active ransomware sites from hacker groups such as Lockbit & Lazarus Group, to name a few, to gather data that may include your clients' or employees' data. Allowing you to react before it's used in a potential attack against your business.

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Don’t Lose Your Trademarks Reputation

Your domain's value in the modern digital age is difficult to calculate. It underpins sales, service delivery, support, billing, and much more.

To a customer, it reflects your values and instils trust in your brand and services. Customers expect you to protect them from fraudulent abuse of your domain and trademark, so it is imperative that you monitor, identify and eliminate threats to your online brand.

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The Benefits of a Human Research Team on Brand Exposure


Helping You Understand Your Brand Exposure

Where our custom-built tools are industry-leading in determining leaks, threats and critical brand exposure, our research team are here to help you understand the data those tools pull. They define the threats related to malicious IPs,  data leaked on the dark web and give you clear advice to help reduce the risk of it damaging your brand.

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Threat Hunting
Threat Hunting



As a researcher at DarkInvader, HZRD expertise lies in monitoring the DarkWeb, conducting OSINT investigations, and threat intelligence.

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Our Research Team Are on Hand to Assist You

Our team are on-hand to offer you further advice and information if you need assistance remediating any discovered threats. Not every business has a huge IT team on standby to fix issues and we understand that. One of our experts can jump on a call to walk you through the analysis and explain the steps mentioned in the remediation advice. Giving you the much needed peace of mind.