Experienced Cyber Research Team

Our human research team help discover threats that scanners and tools can't access hidden forums and leaked information on the dark and public web.

Human Risk Analysis

Automated security systems generate a disproportionate amount of false positives leading to mistakes and low team confidence. Ultimately all automated tools require human interpretation to get to the usable data. Threat Intelligence is no different. Automated scanners can only go so far, pushing the burden of work back onto the already overstretched IT team.

Blended Approach

DarkInvader is a blended service using custom technology powered by a human research team. This approach dramatically reduces false positives, providing accurate, actionable intelligence.

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Expert Remediation Advice

The research team's goal is to present any findings in a way that all stakeholders can understand. Any insights we upload have been rigorously scrutinised and qualified to ensure that the presented results are genuine. Unlike automated systems, we place a higher value on quality over quantity which builds trust in the intelligence we provide.

Never Miss a Threat

The information we provide is insider knowledge discovered on hacker forums.

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How Does Our Research Team Help Your Business?

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Expert Threat Advice

Let our researchers identify and explain where your public risks exist

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Take Action Faster

With low false positives you spend less time investigating misleading information

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Reduce Exposure Window

Our human team practically eliminates false positives, allowing you to react faster to new intelligence threats


Analysing Data to Save You Time & Resources

Our research team adds another level of expertise to your threat data. Rather than just sending you a long list of discovered threats and URL's our team is analysing every piece of information to determine what could damage your business, adding a human explanation to each threat, along with first-hand remediation advice. We do the heavy shifting, allowing you to react faster, and shortening your exposure window.

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Specialised Researchers For All Topics

We’ve recruited a diverse range of researchers to our team, specialising in OSINT, Threat Hunting, Data Gathering and more.

While also having ethical hacking experience, our team knows where to look in dark web forums and the public web to discover brand exposure, leaked credentials and personal information. Put trust in our research team, we find the places even water can’t reach!

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