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What is Dark Web Monitoring?

The dark web is home to numerous sites that serve as hubs for emerging cyber threats, providing valuable intelligence applicable to a wide range of potential targets. DarkInvader's cutting-edge machine learning and natural language processing technologies enable instant connections between dark web sites and other threat sources, allowing you to swiftly detect, analyse, and address risks to your organisation.


Combining Human Research With Custom Built Dark Web Scanners

DarkInvader takes a fresh new look at Dark Web Monitoring, combining the best that automation can offer with an expert human element in order to proactively identify and neutralise threats.

Dark Web Monitoring is the process of actively searching the dark web for any mention of your brand or to discover leaked data such as credentials, emails, private documents and more.

Dark Web Monitoring App

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Discovering Threats allows You to Stop Sophisticated Cyber Attacks

By adding a Dark Web Monitoring Service to your cyber security solutions you're allowing your business to get one step ahead of potential threat actors.

Our ThreatPortal will alert you to any discovered threat, followed by remediation advice from our team of researchers. Allowing you to prevent the data being used against your organisation in what could be a sophisticated cyber attack.

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Why do You Need Dark Web Intelligence?

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Increased Hacker Activity

Over the past 2 years hacker activity has continued to grow due to the easy access of harmful software and data. There are on average 2,244 hacks a day, many of which use data on the Dark Web to start their attack

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Harmful Data

60% of the data on the Dark Web can harm enterprises. The chances are some of that information can be linked to your business. Actively scanning the Dark Web for this data allows you to recover it before its sold off to a threat actor

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2 million Active Users

The popularity of the Dark Web continues to grow and shows no sign of slowing down. With 2 million active users daily it is now a hub of confidential information and leaked data. Its now more crucial than ever for businesses to proactively search their threat landscape

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Loss of Reputation

When data is leaked on the Dark Web or made public knowledge it can heavily effect a businesses reputation, especially if the data is related to your clients.

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Sensitive Data

Without scanning the Dark Web your sensitive data could be unknowingly used anywhere. Data is easier to gather than ever before and its not a case of if it'll be taken but when.

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Sophisticated Attacks

The majority of sensitive data on the Dark Web is sold to hacker groups and solo threat actors that will use it in a sophisticated attack against a business. Without knowing what data is out there, there's no way for you to protect against these attacks.


Our Researchers Discover Threats on The Dark Web Before They're Exploited

Our research team come from a range of experienced backgrounds that allow them to discover threats in the very deepest corners of the Dark Web. Scanners can't find every leak and thats why our methodology combines the best of human skill alongside custom built tools.

Our team will discover threats that no modern tool can, all of which are viewable in your personal ThreatPortal.

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What Are The Risks of not Monitoring The Dark Web?

The major damage that can occur from not scanning the Dark Web can be catastrophic. Sophisticated cyber attacks using leaked data are difficult to discover and likely to cause major downtime of your services.

In the growing cyber security landscape threat intelligence services are becoming a must. ISO27001 will soon require all businesses to have an active Threat Intelligence Service in order to be accredited. Set up your threat monitoring today with DarkInvader's Dark Web Monitoring Service.

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How Does Our Dark Web Monitoring Service Work?

DarkInvader's Dark Web Monitoring combines the best of OSINT with cutting edge automation. We've indexed over 200,000 sites on the DarkWeb using our recursive, depthless crawler - and our team of expert engineers are active on key forums that black-hats use everyday.

These data streams are combined with online data breach emporiums, and our own internal data store, and presented in an easy-to-digest format. RAG severity ratings are given to breaches, along with customised pro-active preventative measures, helping you to
respond to emerging threats quickly and efficiently.