Open Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT)

We use OSINT to discover threats in the hardest reaches of the public web. Open Source Intelligence Gathering is one of the keys to our multi-layered approach.

Passive Data Gathering, Zero Disruption

The DarkInvader research team, using leading security tools, is constantly crawling the internet, searching for data that may pose a potential threat to the business or key individuals.

Understand The Data

Every threat or leak is defined and explained by our researchers.

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Discover Public Facing Cyber Threats

We identify seemingly innocent data and present it from a hacker's perspective with full remediation advice.

Cyber criminals use public information to gain credibility, so it needs to be eliminated.

Find The Solution

Whatever we find we analyse and offer remediation advice, saving you time and resource.

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How Does OSINT Help Your Business?

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Discover Public Facing Risks

Identify public facing risks that you didn’t even know you had via our extensive scanners and human research team

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Take Remedial Action

Using our advice, you can quickly understand your public data risks and take action to avoid potential breaches

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Reduce Your Public Footprint

Hackers rely on intelligence to build targeted campaigns, so it's critical that you remove sensitive, publicly accessible information


Custom Tools Combined With Human Research

Invader uses custom-built OSINT tools and human research to discover legitimate threats to your business. This combined approach reduces noise, allowing you to react faster to genuine threats. Each insight is uploaded to your portal with full risk analysis and detailed remediation advice.

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No More Relying on Extensive Data Lists

Relying on automated scanners needs to be more robust regarding intelligence gathering. They are noisy, provide little practical information, and don’t reach the far ends of the dark and public web. That's why our intelligence-gathering process blends specialist technology with built-in human interpretation. This approach allows our team to dig deeper and faster with more accurate results.

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The Benefits of a Human Research Team


Detailed Human Risk Analysis

Automated tools often return misleading and difficult-to-understand technical results. The DarkInvader team never upload automated results. All intelligence insights are qualified by a research team member and presented with a full explanation of the risk. Our job is to help all stakeholders understand the intelligence risk in simple terms.

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Threat Hunting
Threat Hunting



EAGLE specialises in scripting proprietary tools used in-house here by our researchers. These range from social media open-source intelligence tools to gathering dark web data.

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Professional Remediation Advice

So you understand the risk, but what next? Every insight we upload includes remediation advice. This allows you to take action immediately, reducing your exposure window. Our team understands that speed matters when it comes to providing advice. We take pride in explaining remedial steps in an easy-to-understand format.