Open Source Intelligence
Gathering (OSINT) 

Automation & OSINT

Dark Invader’s revolutionary Dark Web Monitoring combines the best of human powered research with cutting edge automation to help find your leaked data faster.

Real Time Threat Protection

We’ve indexed 100’s of thousands of sites on the DarkWeb using our recursive, depthless crawler – and our team of expert engineers are active on key forums that black-hats use everyday.

Identify Data Breaches

With million of pages of the DarkWeb indexed alongside our team actively analysing forums you can rest assured DarkInvader will spot any possibility of a data breach.

Prevent Further Risk

RAG severity ratings are given to breaches, along with customised pro-active preventative measures that can be taken, helping you to respond to emerging threats quickly and efficiently.

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How Our OSINT Service Works

DarkInvader researchers analyse publicly accessible sites, like
professional social networks, identifying information that could expose a potential threat.

Identify and Eliminate Threats

Our researchers may find:

  • Sensitive data through social media Identifying connected corporate devices
  • Unknown corporate applications such as a rogue API
  • Accidental references on public platforms
  • Confidential information such as pricing schedules, contracts, source code.
  • Innocent conversations that could provide an insight into the inner workings of the company

The DarkInvader OSINT Service Researches
the Corporate Brand and Key Stakeholders

Our OSINT service detects your leaked credentials

Brand Reconnaissance

DarkInvader researchers will identify public data that could pose a risk to the corporate brand. During the OSINT investigation, the DarkInvader team will search for data related to the corporate brand across multiple open web spaces, such as online news outlets or social media platforms.

Key Stakeholder Reconnaissance

As well as researching company threats the OSINT service can be extended to analyse the public exposure of key business stakeholders. This could be C level executives or employees that are critical to the business.

Reports & Notifications Made Simple

Access Dark Web alerts with ease

All findings will be wrapped up into a concise and easy to read monthly report thats accessible via the DarkInvader portal.

But rest assured findings of any critical nature are escalated immediately by our experienced team of engineers.