Threat Hunting

Inspect your key system logs to find undetected threats,  uncover security control gaps and reduce your window of risk exposure

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What is Threat Hunting? 

'Threat Hunting' is an advanced service that involves proactively searching for, identifying, and isolating cyber threats that traditional security measures may not detect. At DarkInvader, we redefine threat hunting by employing a proactive and predictive approach, leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and seasoned expertise to safeguard your digital assets.


Actively Search For Threats That May Already be in Your Network

Our approach to threat hunting is underpinned by a combination of machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence, and human intelligence. We use these technologies to sift through vast amounts of data, identifying patterns and anomalies that could indicate a potential cyber threat. By doing so, we can detect threats before they escalate into full-blown attacks, thereby minimizing potential damage.

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Threat Hunting
Threat hunting Dashboard


Tools Can't Discover All The Threats Within Your Business

Our approach to Threat Hunting is important because automated tools simply don’t detect all cyber threats. Typical tools discover around 80% of threats, but the hidden 20% are often the most sophisticated and likely to cause the most damage. Our combination of human researchers and advanced tools helps you discover that extra 20% making you even more resilient to threats.

It's reported that an average of 280 days pass before an attack becomes noticed. Threat hunting reduces that time by giving you control.

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What Are The Benefits of Threat Hunting to a Business

Supply Chain

Third Party Analysis

While leaked data is a major risk, its also important to see exactly how your brand is exposed across the Dark and Public Facing  Web. Our portal includes a brand exposure section highlighting all the urls, files & more that directly link to your business

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Identify Monitoring Gaps

We guarantee if there's a threat in your logs our team will find it, however in doing so it reveals issues within your own internal security monitoring. After the service is performed we will outline the areas and gaps that need addressing to make sure you don't miss any future breaches.

Key Stakeholders

Remediation Advice

Our service doesn't just discover threats within your business, we also analyse the type of attack, point of entry and risk to the business. Followed up with industry leading advice allowing you to remediate. Reducing downtime and the overall damage of the discovered threat.

Threat Hunting

Increase Responsiveness

By using our Threat Hunting Service you chose when to search for hacker activity. Increase your internal cyber security responsiveness by actively searching for threats before they find you

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Reduce Exposure Window

With an exposure window of up to 280 days, traditional tools aren't enough. Utilising threat hunting allows you to reduce your exposure window

Iceberg under water

Understand the Attack

With our consultants leading a full analysis of your businesses logs we'll determine exactly how a threat actor has gained access to your systems and how they were going to attack


Our Experts Discover Threats in Your Logs Before They're Exploited by an Attacker

Our research team use a combination of their own expertise alongside a suite of custom tools, programmed to search every area of your businesses security logs to discover hidden threats. By actively searching for hacker presence you're disrupting threat actors plans and could even completely stop a potential cyber attack/data breach.

Discover threats before they're acted upon, keeping your business secure.

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Be Aware of The Risks to
Your Business

Attackers will often operate in stealth for weeks, perhaps even months, before they are discovered. During this time they quietly syphon sensitive data and use it to broaden their attack so that they can maximise the data breach. The cost to business can run into the millions so it is critical that these attacks are detected early to limit the financial and reputational impact

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How Does Our Threat Hunting Service Work?

The purpose of threat hunting is to find unknown and undetected threats. The theory if you like is to go beyond traditional security monitoring tools and look beyond the obvious. The Analyst is looking for hidden patterns of behaviour that automated tools may have missed or ignored due to its configuration.