Credential Exposure Alerts

Leaked Credentials are the start of over 70% of cyber attacks. By actively scanning the dark and public web for your business's leaked credentials you can stop these attacks before they begin.

Discover Leaked Credentials That Can be Used to Exploit Your Business

The DarkInvader research team uses technology to search the dark and surface web looking for any data relating to your brand. This could be your corporate data for sale, it could be a mention on a forum, or it could be negative social media chatter. If it’s out there, we will find it.

Stay Ahead of Hackers

By discovering which credentials from your business have been leaked you can put the right processes and security changes in place to make sure they aren't used in a sophisticated cyber attack against your business.

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Search For Your Business Domains Across the Dark & Public Web

DarkInvaders will actively scan for any of the domains you provide us with. Discovering any mention of your business in Dark Web forums and even the public web where they may be being used on fake websites/portals.

Search and eliminate any leaked credentials and keep your business safe from attack.

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Want to See What We Can Find For Yourself? Get Your Free Dark Web Scan Today

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How Does Our Credential Exposure Feature Help Your Business?

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Proactive Security

With this credential exposure feature your proactively identifying critical threats to your business, allowing remediation to take place before your the victim of a cyber attack

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Protect Employees

Monitoring for credential leaks helps you protect your staff from targeted phishing campaigns using their email and passwords

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Reduce Cyber Risk

Credentials purchased on the Dark Web are the most likely instigator of a cyber attack, make sure you update and safeguard your business by discovering them before its too late


How do we Discover Leaked Credentials on the Dark Web? 

We use our in-house database (aptly named 'DarkVault') of breached credentials. These have been sourced from infamous hacking forums on the dark web by our investigators to find credentials that threat actors could be using in their own attacks.

Our investigators are working hard to identify new breaches as and when they occur, ensuring our database is up-to-date with any new credential exposures related to your domain.  

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Be Alerted in Realtime so You Don't Miss a Thing

DarkInvader queries the database every 4 hours for every domain provided in the ThreatPortal, ensuring that if your domain appears in a breach, you’ll be notified as soon as possible.

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By Combining Our Database Alongside Human Research We're Keeping You One Step Ahead of Hackers


Analysing Data on All Corners of The Dark Web

In addition to third-party breaches like Adobe and LinkedIn, our database also contains so-called ‘combo-lists’. These are lists that are traded on dark web forums which can’t be attributed to a single source, however, they contain potentially billions of email and password combinations for use in credential stuffing or phishing attacks. Furthermore, we also have a range of ‘spam lists’ which provide information on emails which are used by spammers to send out mass emails in an attempt to phish victims.

This is all to provide an accurate threat map of your brand’s exposure on these dark web hacking forums, so you can remain one step in front of the hackers.

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Threat Hunting
Threat Hunting



As a researcher at DarkInvader, HZRD expertise lies in monitoring the DarkWeb, conducting OSINT investigations, and threat intelligence.

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Our Research Team Are on Hand to Assist You

Our team are on-hand to offer you further advice and information if you need assistance remediating any discovered credential leaks. Not every business has a huge IT team on standby to fix issues and we understand that. One of our experts can jump on a call to walk you through the analysis and explain the steps mentioned in the remediation advice. Giving you the much needed peace of mind.