Chat GPT - What Happened?

This blog covers what ChatGPT is and how its been utilised by criminals on the Dark Web. Have a read of our blog to find out more about how this AI tool is used.

What is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT is a cutting-edge conversational AI technology that enables real-time conversation between humans and machines. It utilises natural language processing (NLP), deep learning, and other advanced artificial intelligence techniques to help engines understand and respond to human users meaningfully. Chat GPT has been designed to be intuitive and easy for both machine and human users to communicate in a conversational form.

How is ChatGPT Used?

In recent years, many companies have been leveraging Chat GPT for their customer service and other applications. For example, leading companies like Apple and Microsoft use this technology to provide users with more personalised experiences by understanding their intent and providing accurate real-time responses.

In recent news, it has been highlighted that ChatGPT has been used by criminals on the Dark Web as a tool to chat with victims through pre-defined automated bots, thus creating more efficient ways of carrying out digital attacks. Criminals on the Dark Web now use this new AI tool to advance their crimes.

Chat GPT can be used to impersonate humans and carry out conversations that appear to be human-like which can provide an easier way to target others through methods such as Phishing Emails and mass scam messages, therefore, making criminals jobs much easier.

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