How are Hackers Using the Dark Web to Attack Businesses?

Hackers have been using the Dark Web to attack businesses for years, with a growing database of leaked data their use of the Dark Web grows larger, we take it a look at how modern-day hackers are utilising the Dark Web to attack businesses.

The Dark Web has long been known as a place for hackers to share stolen data with one another. A recent study by the Ponemon Institute found that hackers are using leaked credentials and other data from the Dark Web to create cyber attacks on businesses. Not only does this make it easier for them to commit these crimes, but it also makes it much harder for companies to track down the source of their attack because there is no direct link back to them. In this blog post, we will cover ways in which hackers can use the information available on the dark web to perform intelligently targeted attacks.

How do Hackers Gain Access to Leaked Credentials?

The Dark Web is a notorious black market where hackers can buy and sell stolen data. This includes everything from usernames and passwords to company secrets and brand assets. Hackers use this information to commit cyber attacks on businesses, often with devastating results.

One way that hackers gain access to leaked credentials is through Phishing Emails. These emails are sent to employees urging them to activate their accounts or provide their login details. As many people are unaware of the dangers of phishing, they often fall victim to these attacks.

Another way that hackers gain access to leaked credentials is through data breaches. A data breach occurs when a company’s confidential information is exposed to the public. This can include anything from customer details to employee contact information that can increase the chances of targeted attacks being successful.

How do Hackers Use Leaked Information from the Dark Web to Disrupt Businesses?

The dark web is a place where nefarious actors can find everything they need to carry out attacks on businesses’ assets. A recent study by the Ponemon Institute found that 50% of IT professionals believe their company has been hit with cyberattacks from the Dark Web in just the past year alone. Hackers use leaked information and brand data acquired through illicit means to disrupt organisations’ critical business systems. This happens when hackers purchase credentials for specific trade shows or events and then gain access to these companies’ networks via passwords obtained from hacking forums like The Real Deal Marketplace (TRDM). These stolen credentials are then used for ransomware attacks, where hacker groups and communities such as ReEvil will try and extort organisations, threatening to release their data unless a ransom is paid in Bitcoin.

In order for businesses to protect themselves from threats of attacks on the Dark Web and other cybercriminal activities, IT departments must consider the implementation of identity and access management solutions that are designed to address these risks. If your company has yet to adopt IAM tools or methods, it’s crucial you begin considering how identity protection can help prevent breaches on a digital level before hackers strike again. And when they do attack with dark web-based hacks like ransomware schemes or phishing campaigns using stolen credentials, you’ll be able to take action immediately and limit potential damage.

Why is Dark Web Monitoring so Important?

Research shows that 70% of breaches involve weak or stolen passwords, and many companies have had their entire database exposed on hacker forums like The Real Deal—one forum currently has more than 200 million accounts available for sale. These pieces of information about your employees’ online activities could be used in social engineering schemes against them —and compromise an employee’s privileged access within your network.

Dark Web Monitoring allows you to stay alert of any of the above-mentioned leaks if they include any mention of your business. The main reason why companies don’t monitor their brand on the Dark Web isn’t that they feel it’s irrelevant; rather, many businesses aren’t aware monitoring such places is possible in the first place. In fact, most organisations are completely unaware there exist tools capable of crawling through these underground forums and providing them with real-time alerts for any mention related to their business entity online.

To stay protected from any potential cyber-attacks based on social engineering schemes aimed at compromising privileged access credentials, organisations should implement an effective Dark Web Monitoring strategy using dedicated software or services such as those offered by DarkInvader.


To conclude, the dark web is an ever-growing threat to businesses of all sizes and industries. Hackers are using this hidden corner of the internet to launch ever more sophisticated attacks, often targeting privileged access credentials. To stay protected, organisations should implement an effective Dark Web Monitoring strategy using dedicated software or services.

DarkInvader offers a suite of tools that can help you do just that. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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