The Monopoly Market Attack

This blog post covers the Monopoly Attack and the consequences of the attack.

Who is the Monopoly Market Group?

The Monopoly Market Group is a hacker collective with a penchant for attacking online marketplaces, stock exchanges, and other financial institutions. Founded in 2020, the group has been responsible for numerous successful cyber-attacks on some of the biggest names in the world of finance.  

What is the Monopoly Market Attack?

The Monopoly Market attack is a cyber-attack whereby hackers use malicious software to gain access to online marketplaces and stock exchanges. The hackers then use this access to manipulate prices, sell off assets, or disrupt the exchange altogether. This kind of attack can cause significant financial losses to individuals, businesses, and organisations.  

What Are the Targets of a Monopoly Market Attack?

The targets of a Monopoly Market attack are typically online marketplaces and stock exchanges. These can include any financial institution that uses online platforms for trading assets such as stocks, bonds, commodities, derivatives, etc. The attackers can also target websites, databases and other computer systems related to the financial institution.  

What Are the Consequences of a Monopoly Market Attack?

The consequences of a Monopoly Market attack can be severe. If successful, the hackers can cause significant disruption to the exchange or marketplace they targeted, resulting in financial losses for individuals, businesses and organisations. In some cases, the attackers may even be able to steal or manipulate sensitive data or assets.  

How Can Organisations Protect Themselves From a Monopoly Market Attack?

Organisations can protect themselves from a Monopoly Market attack by implementing strong security measures. These include:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Secure networks and firewalls
  • Regularly updating their systems with the latest security patches.

Additionally, organisations should monitor their systems for suspicious activity, such as abnormal trading patterns or access attempts.


Finally, they should ensure that all staff are adequately trained in cyber-security best practices.  In doing so, organisations can reduce their risk of becoming victims of the Monopoly Market attack and other forms of cyber-attacks.  By taking these steps, organisations can protect themselves from financial losses and severe damage to their reputation.

Below our consultants discuss the Monopoly Attack and their thoughts. For more podcasts, visit our Spotify page.


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