Threat Intelligence

Identify threats from all sources, including the public and dark web. Allowing mitigation before any exploits can be made against your business.


What is Threat Intelligence?

Threat Intelligence refers to the collection, analysis, and dissemination of information about potential cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and risks that organisations face. By leveraging threat intelligence, businesses can proactively identify and respond to potential cyberattacks, ultimately enhancing their security posture and protecting valuable assets.

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Unleash The Full Potential of Threat Intelligence

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Attack Surface Intelligence Gathering

Utilising human research and custom search technology we uncover more risks when compared to automated tools.

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Global Threat Intelligence

Create a custom threat intelligence feed, that reduces noise, allowing you to react faster to relevant emerging threats.

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Public Asset Inventory & Discovery

Build a dynamic map of your public attack surface for complete visibility of your potential threat landscape.

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Dark Web

Utilise our extensive dark web scanners to discover threats on both the web and hacker forums.

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Discover leaked credentials across the dark and public web that match any of your employee's information.

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Live IOC

Make use of a huge database of indicators of compromise from multiple sources, including MISP.

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Our Researchers Discover Threats Scanners Can't

A dedicated research team expertly combines the power of advanced tools and scanners with their skilled expertise to uncover threats and attack vectors that might otherwise appear insignificant. By meticulously analysing data from various sources and employing cutting-edge technology, these professionals can identify patterns, trends, and correlations that may reveal potential vulnerabilities.

Their comprehensive approach helps detect immediate threats and enables organisations to stay ahead of emerging risks, ultimately strengthening their security posture. This proactive methodology examines minor details, allowing for a more robust and effective defence against cyberattacks.

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Businesses Need Threat Intelligence in The
Modern-Digital Era

Protecting against evolving cyber threats necessitates up-to-date, pertinent insights delivered in real time. DarkInvader Threat Intelligence offers a comprehensive perspective of your threat environment by combining automated analytics, expertly curated intelligence, and advanced search and analysis features.

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Obtain a Thorough, Actionable Perspective of Your Threat Landscape using Threat Intelligence

Security threats are vast, complicated, and ever-shifting in the current digital landscape. The idea of complete protection against all possible dangers has become unrealistic. DarkInvader Threat Intelligence equips you with a glimpse into hackers' tactics, allowing you to pinpoint, rank, and monitor your organisation's most pertinent threats.