The DarkInvader Insider Video

This blog gives an insight into DarkInvader and how the team combat the Dark Web to protect businesses. Watch our video to gain an insight into the behind the scenes of DarkInvader.

Who is DarkInvader?

Discovered Researchers who find threats as they appear, reducing the risk of a potential attack against your business with our Dark Web and Threat Intelligence services.

What Are DarkInvader's Objectives?

DarkInvader can help clients see your current exposure on the dark web, from files to credentials and company emails. These are graded based on the risk to your organisation, and all come with a remediation action outlined by our team of researchers.

What Does DarkInvader do?

DarkInvader provides actionable intelligence to help managers predict, plan and prepare for future security breaches. Through Threat Intelligence, Dark Web Monitoring and Attack Surfacing, DarkInvader are crawling the public and private web 24/7 identifying threats related to your business domain to eliminate the chance of a cyber attack towards your business.

Our DarkInvader Team

Our team here at DarkInvader discuss the 'DarkInvader Insiders' and what DarkInvader do as a company to fight cybercrime. The team covers how to protect yourself, what policies to have in place, and how to use professionals who can safely access the dark web to protect your company. Have a watch of our short summary of what DarkInvader is.

For more content, have a listen of our ThreatBite episodes.


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