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1. Gather Data From Reliable Scanners

We leverage reliable scanners, along with our crawler, to extract data from the darkest corners of the internet. This isn't your everyday surface-level scanning; it's an in-depth probe that leaves no stone unturned.

Our scanners are designed to trawl through vast volumes of data, picking out valuable information from the noise. They employ industry-specific terminology and algorithms, ensuring that only relevant and critical data is captured.

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2. Discover Threats on The Dark Web

Once data collection is complete, our system shifts focus to threat discovery. The dark web is a breeding ground for cyber threats, with new ones emerging daily.

With DarkInvader, you're not just staying one step ahead; you're predicting and preparing for threats even before they materialise. Our solution sifts through the data, identifies potential threats, and alerts you in real-time. It's a proactive approach that gives you the upper hand.

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3. Analyse Everything in One Place

We understand that dealing with vast amounts of data can be daunting. That's why we've created a centralised platform where you can view, manage, and analyse all your data in one place.

Our intuitive dashboard allows you to easily navigate and interpret your data, providing detail-oriented explanations for every piece of information. It's not just about managing threats; it's about understanding them.

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Secure Your Digital Presence With a Dark Web Scan

In the intricate labyrinth of the internet, the dark web operates in obscurity, serving as a marketplace for illicitly obtained business data. To secure your corporate digital identity, it's imperative to stay ahead of cyber threats. Our free Dark Web Scan provides you with an overview of the threats relating to your business on the dark web. Our range of industry-trusted scanners will discover leaked credentials, false domains, employee info and any data our researchers deem dangerous.

Want to See What We Can Find For Yourself? Get Your Dark Web Scan

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The Mechanics of a Dark Web Scan

A dark web scan is an advanced cybersecurity measure that probes the hidden recesses of the internet, combing through databases filled with stolen business information. It is designed to detect and alert you to any instances of your corporate data - emails, business identifiers, confidential documents - being compromised and traded on this digital platform.

At DarkInvader we use a range of advanced scanners and databases renowned in the industry for there reach, meaning you're getting a comprehensive report from all areas of the dark web.

Dark Web Monitoring App
Dark Web Monitoring App


The Imperative of a Dark Web Scan

A dark web scan is an essential component of your business's cybersecurity strategy. It identifies potential threats and security breaches, enabling you to implement preventative measures effectively. The dark web is a breeding ground for corporate espionage and data theft, making a dark web scan crucial for maintaining the integrity of your business's sensitive information