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Explore What Makes us Experts in Dark Web Security

Real Time Threat Protection

Our Dark Web Monitoring Tool indexes 100’s of thousands of sites on the DarkWeb using our recursive, depthless crawler – and our team of expert engineers are active on key forums that black-hats use everyday.

Automation & OSINT

DarkInvader’s revolutionary Dark Web Monitoring combines the best of human powered research with cutting edge automation to help find your leaked data faster.

Identify Data Breaches

With millions of pages of the DarkWeb indexed alongside our team actively analysing forums you can rest assured DarkInvader will spot any possibility of a data breach.

Prevent Further Risk

RAG severity ratings are given to breaches, along with customised pro-active preventative measures that can be taken, helping you to respond to emerging threats quickly and efficiently.

Our Passion

DarkInvader was created to address a fundamental flaw in the dark web security market. Automated tools have limited reach and often find data leaks when it is too late. The only way to combat this problem is to undertake human research which is what we do in conjunction with automated tools. The result is a more in depth service that is able to identify compromised data faster, helping our client’s to mitigate risk and losses sooner.

We’re on a mission to find stolen data, prevent account takeovers in order to stop attacks escalating into a high priority incident.

DarkInvader has a broad spread of clients across multiple sectors and some of the most innovative financial services, retailers, and technology companies around the world.

Our blended approach, uses the best of dark web scanning automation coupled with human research to ensure that the people logging into your systems are legitimate users – not malicious actors using leaked credentials.

Our Team

Robin Hill

Andrew Mason

Andrew Mason is a co-founder of DarkInvader and was previously the co-founder of RandomStorm, which was successfully sold to Accumli PLC in 2014. Andrew is committed to ensuring that the company develops innovative security solutions to their customers and has since co-founded, Rapidspike, Pentest People, Data Protection People, ShadowAPI and now DarkInvader.

Gav Watson
Technical Director

Gavin is a highly skilled and driven security consultant with over 12 years experience identifying vulnerabilities in the networks, devices and applications of a variety of high profile clients.

Anthony Harvey
Sales Director

Anthony has spent the last 12 years in the IT Security sector, working for start ups, FTSE security providers and Global System Integrators including RandomStorm, Accumuli, NCC and CapGemini.

A Blended Approach of Dark Web Scanning & Human OSINT

Our Mission