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DarkInvader aggregates global intelligence sources, to help you to stay one step ahead of emerging industry threats

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Why do You Need Threat Intelligence?

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Realtime Analytics

No waiting around for data, our threat portal will show realtime analytics and threats as they're discovered.

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Threat Alerts

DarkInvader alerts you to any threat rated at medium or higher, allowing you to act with no delay on potential risks.

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Dark Web Stats

The Dark Web is a difficult entity for businesses to monitor, with your DarkInvader account you'll be able to see direct stats relating to breaches, leaked data and more.

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Brand Exposure

While leaked data is a major risk, its also important to see exactly how your brand is exposed across the Dark and Public Facing  Web. Our portal includes a brand exposure section highlighting all the urls, files & more that directly link to your business.

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Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence is everything our brand encompasses. We provide you with all the major risks to your business with detailed information on every type of leak, exposed info and data. Allowing you to stay ahead of potential attackers.

Supply Chain Info

Supply Chain Info

Information is the key to staying safe from potential sophisticated attacks. Thats why DarkInvader include live data on newly discovered breaches and hacker group activity that assits your business in seeing what dangers are currently active.

Discover Fake & Malicious Domains Using Your Brand Information

Get information on domain availability for your brand, protect your reputation by making sure their aren't any malicious actors using your organisations name as its domain. Eliminate threats and protect your brands presence.

Brand Protection

We discover your brands name usage in domains on the deepest corners of the public and dark-web.

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Want to See What We Can Find For Yourself? Get a Free Domain Audit

See what we discover for yourselves, one free domain audit can be yours, just click the button to your right and we'll get one prepared for you. The results may surprise you!

Actively Scan The Dark & Public Web For Brand Exposure Such as Leaked Credentials

Our custom-built tools scan the far reaches of the web to discover your brand exposure. Leaked credentials and confidential data is extremely common and potentially damaging to your business, either through being made public knowledge or being used in a sophisticated cyber attack against your business.

Mitigate Risk

Each discovered threat will come with researchers comments on the best steps to mitigate the risk of exposed data.

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Get Daily Info on The Major Hacker Groups

As well as breach data we also use a set of researches along with our scanners to monitor the activity of hacker groups, giving you insider knowledge on the biggest gangs, how they're growing and how they can potentially become a risk against your business.

Insider Knowledge

The information we provide is insider knowledge discovered on hacker forums.

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Secure Business Data For Your Whole Organisation

The data within our portal is encrypted end to end for your whole organisation. Keep your threat data secure and give members of your team set privileges so employees only see the data you wish them to see.

Use this to give developers insight to threats they can remediate or for board level members to see threat data relevant to them.

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Be Alerted Whenever a Medium or Higher Threat is Discovered

Our portal sends alerts via email notification whenever a threat over medium is discovered. Giving you the fastest response time possible in remediating these risks.


Our ThreatPortal is Full of Features to Discover
Major Cyber Risks

Find Fake Portals & Websites Used in Phishing Attacks

Upload all your company logos and key brand imagery to the ThreatPortal and we'll search for any usage on the dark and public web. We often discover fake portals and company dashboards used in phishing attacks against your business. Not only this but it can help keep your branding defined to your business and not misused by other organisations.

Defend Against Phishing

By discovering fake portals and company websites you're actively defending against phishing attacks.

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Real-Time Data of Current & Newly Discovered Breaches

Information on any recent breaches can be found in the Threat Intelligence Portal, keeping you up to date with the latest breaches, ransomware attacks and hacker activity. This data can assist in spotting new emerging threats in the types of attacks APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) groups are using.

Stay in the Loop

Our breach database is updated live as they happen.

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